Membership of George House Trust.

This clip talks about member led organisation and two thirds of people must be HIV positive.

On there website they speak of the organisation being service user led. Much of this raises concerns to the wider HIV communities of the North West. For example 150 people can become a member of which 100 must be HIV positive – this equation also applies the the Governance of the Charity.

But my concerns as a single voice on behalf of people living with HIV and have been for over 30 years feel that 150 people often make decisions for everyone living with and affected by HIV in the whole of the North West. We should also be aware that many people living with HIV have stopped accessing services for very personal reasons (often related to GHT (George House Trust) not listening to the people they are funded to serve.

I would be interested in your views on autocratic organisations that say they are listening and not acting on what they hear. I accept that anyone and everyone cannot be pleased but often the common issues is something that really needs addressing.


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