Living by sayings




Living by sayings

Often as time moves forward in my life – I often remember sayings that I grew up with some examples are “People in glass houses shouldn’t throw stones”, “Charity begins at home” and the Yorkshire expressions I love, “Put wood in hole” and You’d do better as a door than a window”.

But my story would like to mention this one which means so much to me, maybe because it’s true.

Truth hurts”. Even though this saying is true and yes I have been hurt so many times I still think this saying means more to me than any other saying.

I would go on and even say I would trust a thief more than a liar. My reasoning for this a thief can enter your life (home) steel something, but once you know something as gone – you know the thief won’t be invited into your life or home ever again. However, someone who lies to you and becomes a friend (even a member of your family) can betray that trust in you.

Is this how we live our lives, when people cannot be honest with other people. We even live in fear of saying something for fear of offending. I admit that some people can be exceptionally cruel no matter what age, and often things that are said cannot be unsaid.

This reminds me of another saying, “Sticks and stones may break my bones, but calling names can’t hurt me”. Me, I would rather be called all the names that would truly offend me – cause at least I know where I stand and yes it may even be true. I am adult enough to either walk away or try to understand why people are so cruel.

I would be interested to hear your views on this.







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