Critical and radical social work: an introduction

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Critical and Radical Social Work cover

Iain Ferguson and Michael Lavalette

The initial idea for the journal developed out of our experience at the International Association of Schools of Social Work/International Federation of Social Work joint world congress in Hong Kong in 2010. In the pre-conference period, ourselves as members of the Social Work Action Network (SWAN) in Britain along with a number of other members approached the conference organisers with a proposal to run a series of plenary events at the conference. We were given three linked sessions, framed around the topics ‘social work and neoliberalism’, ‘social work and war’ and ‘debating social work futures’. At the end of May 2010, just before we left for Hong Kong, the Israeli Defence Forces boarded the Turkish ship Mavi Marmara in international waters. The ship was part of the first Gaza Freedom Flotilla that was taking food and medicine to people in Gaza. As a result of…

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