Want a Bigger Tax Refund? Five Things That Made Tax Filing Better for Many LGBT Families This Year, and Two Changes We’re Asking the IRS to Make for Next Year

National LGBTQ Task Force Blog

The Supreme Court’s decision in United States v. Windsor rocked the tax-filing world of same-sex couples this year.  Here are the top five things that put more money in some of our pockets:

  1. Joint Filing for Married Couples!  We can’t express what a huge change this was for married same-sex couples.  After the IRS announced that they would accept joint returns from married same-sex couples, the tax team at the Task Force crunched some numbers.  Especially for single-earner and low-income couples, filing jointly on your federal tax return could mean thousands of extra dollars in your return.
  2. Tax-Free Health Insurance!  Before Windsor, if your employer offered health insurance benefits to you and your spouse, your insurance costs wouldn’t be taxed, but your spouse’s would be.  This year, folks who have been paying tax on those benefits will see a nice chunk of that tax refunded to them.
  3. Estate…

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