Man on leash in London revealed to be Lib Dem training exercise for coalition government

Pride's Purge


man on leash lib dems A Lib Dem minister shows how he works closely with his coalition partners

The mystery of a man being walked on all fours by a woman wielding a leash in Farringdon has been solved.

The strange stunt has been revealed to be part of a training exercise being filmed for Liberal Democrat ministers on how to work in a coalition government.

The whole affair was shrouded in mystery, with many people wondering if the stunt was BDSM role-playing or some kind of a PR event.

But Pride’s Purge can now exclusively reveal that the woman involved has come forward to reveal that their ‘walkies’ was actually a Liberal Democrat project aiming to provide present and future senior Liberal Democrat ministers with guidelines on how to walk to heel, sit up and beg and roll over and die at the command of their coalition partner.

The bizarre stunt comes not long after shocking revelations…

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