#StandWithMonica to end Profiling and Criminalization of Transgender Women of Color

National LGBTQ Task Force Blog

By Kayley Whalen, Task Force Executive Office Board Liason

Monica-Poster-Graphic-sml-01-713x1024Monica Jones, an outspoken critic of the unjust profiling and criminalization of transgender women of color is facing trial today, April 11, in Phoenix, Arizona. As a longtime advocate with the Sex Workers Outreach Project(SWOP) Phoenix, Monica has helped raise awareness of the harms of the anti-prostitution police diversion program Project ROSE. In May 2013, while walking through her neighborhood on the way to a bar, she was arrested and charged with “manifesting prostitution” by an undercover police officer taking part in one of Project ROSE’s numerous police stings.

Activists around the world are showing their support for her by sharing her story using #StandWithMonica on social media. By standing together, we can demonstrate that Monica’s activism in Phoenix is part of a much larger struggle to release the suffocating grip of the criminal justice system on the transgender community, especially for…

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