Daily Bullshit Express Vol2



Miliband Tells Us To Shop At Aldi

by: Ivor Arsehole

Middle class families weathered the recession by shopping in cheaper supermarkets, using grandparents for free childcare and taking on extra jobs Miliband said today that the middle classes are flocking there to bag a bargain. Before Austerity he stated they wouldn’t be seen dead there,but now they are tightening their belts and saving a fortune. There was also a dramatic rise in the number of people using the generosity of grandparents and other relatives to help with childcare to cut the cost of a childminder or nursery.‘In reality the middle has coped surprisingly well since 2007-08. We found that even in the teeth of the recession, two-fifths of them moved up the income distribution. Just as many managed to stay where they were.’However, interest rate rises could be a cloud on the horizon that will rain on their parade…

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