Stigma is a Human Rights violation

Speaking Up!


How Human Rights can support our HIV advocacy was the theme of our third Taking Part meeting. The session was facilitated by the British Institute of Human Rights.

Here are some notes  and thoughts from the session.

Human Rights are part of what it means to be human. They belong to each and every one of us, and they cannot be taken away.  They were firstly written down  following the second world war as a response to the horrors of the holocaust . The 1948 Universal Declaration of Human Rights has been signed up by every country in the world. However the declaration is not a legally binding document, so many countries developed other treaties and laws to enshrine Human Rights in their legal systems and make them effective. Here in the UK we have the Human Rights Act.

Human Rights Act

The values that underpin Human Rights are: Dignity, Autonomy, Participation and Equality.


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