I spoke at great length with my doctor, my nurse and my consultant today.  I expressed my concerns about how I have been treated my various organisations past and present.


All of them convinced me that I have a reason to live instead how I have been feeling lately.  I am alone in my fight with charities and individuals.


I feel very much alone and isolated from the very groups that I have committed my life to.  Ever since I was diagnosed – I have never ever put people into labels/boxes.  For example gay, straight, black and white, young and old.  People living with HIV today come from all sections of our society, and to understand, respect, and accept that we are all human beings.


Discrimination exists in all walks of life, even with cultures and differences.


We all need to stand against all forms of discrimination including internal discriminations against each other.  We need to stand together and fight internal discrimination.


In my opinion and observations of many years in the HIV Industry people living with HIV need to stop discriminating each groups example previously described above.  We need to often think about how HIV affects you and would you really like to be treated so differently.


Many people have faced discrimination for many years and even now we are still fighting for equality in our society for example, race, gender, sexuality ageism and now I feel HIV-phobia.  We all know that many have fought for years and still we need to do more.


I welcome feedback positive and negative.  I am only one person and I hope and plea to you all reading this – we can make a difference.


Michael A Snaith

Campaigner and Advocate (Self-taught – no real training just an expert through experience)


By the way – I really felt empowered and totally in control with the help of three very important people, my doctor, my nurse and my HIV consultant.



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