The 12 Things Your Gay Friends Don’t Want You To Know About Our New Epidemic, Crystal Meth

Thought Catalog

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1. In one major study, 25% of gay men admitted to using the drug at least once. So if you know 4 gay men, one’s probably used and might still be using today.

2. Meth can be instantly addictive, like crack. Though most start off thinking we can control it with managed use, usually for sex, many of us become addicts within months, using daily within a year or less.

3. When tweaking, we not only stay up for days on end (say, 3 to 9), but can have repeated sexual marathons that last for hours and hours (say, 4 to 12). Meth is the perfect sex drug for gay men because, not only does it provide the unbridled energy of a teenager again, it instantly relieves all sexual inhibitions – such as any residual guilt from internalized homophobia we might have from our childhood. Imagine how…

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