Bisexual Health Awareness Month Draws Attention to Community’s Urgent Health Needs

National LGBTQ Task Force Blog

Guest Post by Ellyn Ruthstrom

  • Forty-five percent of bisexual women have considered or attempted suicide, followed by bisexual men (35%), lesbians (30%), gay men (25%), and much lower rates for heterosexual women and men.
  • Bisexual women are twice as likely to have an eating disorder than lesbians.
  • Bisexual women report the highest rates of alcohol use, heavy drinking, and alcohol-related problems when compared to heterosexual and lesbian women.
  • Bisexual men and women report the highest rates of smoking of all orientations.

These are startling statistics that up until a few years ago we weren’t aware of because bisexual data was not being separated out from the lesbian and gay data. Now we have the numbers to show that the bi community has severe physical and mental health disparities that are in urgent need of being addressed.

To help raise awareness about these and other health issues, the Bisexual Resource Center…

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