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I Have An Irrational Fear Of HIV

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“Thank you God, for giving me a sixteenth chance.” Those words (substitute the accurate number) come out of my mouth every three months. Because every three months, when I have decided that the virus has been in my body long enough to produce enough antibodies for the test to detect, I go to the free and confidential health clinic in Chelsea on 29th street and get tested for HIV. The first time I went, I dragged my roommate with me, because I thought it would be nice to have a friend nearby while I hurled myself out a window after receiving the bad news. An extreme paranoia of HIV is incredibly overwhelming and consuming. Luckily I am not too bad – I only have minor panic attacks associated with fear of HIV, fear from logical situations – like the time I thought an e-mail infected me. I used to work…

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Lest we forget – more Tory MPs voted against gay marriage than voted for it

Totally agree – I don’t trust the Tories neither the Lib-dems and what can I really say about Labour.

Pride's Purge

(not satire – it’s the Tories!)

While Cameron is congratulating himself on the historic passing of legislation allowing same-sex marriage – it should not be forgotten that more of his fellow Tory MPs voted against marriage equality than voted for it.

134 Conservative MPs voted against gay marriage, 126 supported it and 35 Tories abstained.

Lest we forget.


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