British teen helps homeless man for his NekNomination


A South African man’s attempt to steer the NekNomination craze away from excessive drinking to having a positive impact on someone’s life appears to have firmly spread to the UK.

A British teenager from Manchester said he wanted to do ‘something a bit different’ after being inspired by Brent Lindeque’s video.

‘I was inspired by a guy I saw in South Arica and his video’s now spreading, and I want to spread it across the UK and the rest of the globe, so let’s do something different,’ the teenager says in his video, which he called a Respect Nomination but has also been dubbed a Random Act of Kindness Nomination (RakNomination) on Facebook.

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He then proceeds to give a bottle of water, a sandwich and some gloves to a homeless man called Jed – who gives a thumbs-up to the camera…

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