State of mental health care

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It’s important to consider what the right kind of care for those with mental health issues is because the fact is much of what is considered state of art now makes many people worse. Blanket calls for more available care isn’t enough if we don’t also think about what better care looks like.

Pushing for making mental health treatment more accessible is not helpful if the available treatment is just plain bad as it is for the most part now.

Read Robert Whitaker’s work on the state of mental health care, which is heavily dominated by pharmaceuticals that are well-documented iatrogenic agents. We cannot continue caring for our most vulnerable citizens with these methods. We are becoming sicker both mentally and physically as a nation. Those who get labeled with mental illness and are then treated with pharmaceuticals are some of the most unwell people…

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Tories to introduce fees for consulting Doctor on saving Earth

Pride's Purge


The public may be willing to pay charges to consult the Doctor in times of serious crisis, David Cameron said yesterday.

The Tory leader said in an interview that many people understood the Doctor’s services were not really free and that it was a Labour “lie” to pretend he was saving the world without charge.

Mr Cameron made his comments in the course of explaining why the Tories were committed to introducing fees for Doctor’s visits – both for consultations and advice as well as for some of his more direct interventions such as preventing invasions of the Earth by Daleks or Cybermen.

The Tories have said they plan to include in their next manifesto a pledge to introduce charges for the Doctor’s services, including:

  • a £10 fee for advice on managing outbreaks of Autons
  • a £15 charge for helping prevent Silurian attacks
  • a £20 payment for advice on clearing up infestations of Weeping Angels
  • a £25 charge for dealing with a…

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Top Tory minister mysteriously avoids £20,000 fine. One law for them?

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(not satire – it’s the UK today)

According to the UK government’s own web page – the fine for employing an illegal migrant worker is £20,000.

Tory minister Mark Harper employed a cleaner – Isabella Acevedo – who was dragged from her daughter’s wedding ceremony and deported last week when it was revealed she had embarrassed Harper by not having all her valid documents.

For some unexplained reason, however, Harper himself – who was recently given a new ministerial job by Cameron – has not been fined £20,000.

An employer won’t have to pay the fine if he or she can show a valid reason for employing an illegal migrant worker – however being unaware of the fact is not considered to be a valid reason.

So what exactly is Harper’s “valid reason” for not being fined?

That he’s a government minister and a good friend of Cameron?


Of course – irony of ironies –…

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